Recycling & Re-Utilization

Recycling & Re-Utilization

Recycling Project

First phase

It is common to re-use automotive batteries once their service life is complete. This is known as echelon utilization. Such spent batteries are used in the energy storage industry. Thereafter, when the batteries are 100% used up, they will be recycled for their valuable raw materials.

Second phase

Upon completion of phase 1, valuable metals are removed from recycled batteries: Nickel/Cobalt/Manganese.

Here is a Closed-loop chain of a battery evolution:“ MATERIAL-BATTERY-EV/HEV POWER-BATTERY RECYCLING”


Recycling Process Diagram

Types of batteries recycled

NI-MH battery and lithium battery;

Echelon utilization and recycling of batteries

Evaluating the service life of batteries and recycling decommissioned (used) power batteries from the electric vehicle markets is a priority of Highpower;

Pretreatment Methodologies

The valuable metals of used batteries are primarily separated by physical deconstruction the batteries and by a chemical process called pyrometallurgical;

Hydrometallurgical process

The Li-Ion battery scrap from electric vehicles is treated with a hydrometallurgical process. The pretreated battery powder is smelted into a metal salt product using Highpower's patented technology.


Products and Services

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Recycling of used batteries and providing environmental disposal services:

Highpower is dedicate to battery recycling and providing an environmental safe disposal services. Such a solution focuses on recycling spent nickel metal-hydride and lithium batteries through its own patented technology.

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Recycling and echelon utilization (cascade utilization/secondary use) of power batteries:

Provide the echelon utilization scheme and recycling technology.

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Highly purified metal salt:

Nickel sulfate, cobaltous sulfate, cobalt chloride, lithium carbonate…