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Highpower Technology (stock code: 001283) was founded in 2002. As an enterprise with independent R&D capabilities and comprehensive competitiveness in the global market, Highpower is committed to the research, design, manufacturing and sales of Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries, energy storage systems and used battery recycling, as well as providing flexible, reliable & one-stop power solutions for customers.


Highpower Technology adheres to the core values of “delight customers, open-minded and shared success, dedication to details, always improve” and focus on resolving the challenges and pressures faced by global brands. With years of technology accumulation and product development experience, Highpower has been recognized by well-known brands around the world.


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About Us


With a global view and strategic development vision, the core management team leads Highpower to forge ahead and make continuous progress.

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George Pan

Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
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Sunny Pan

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Leo Liao

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Terry Guo

Chief Product & User Officer

About Us


Highpower Technology adheres to the core values of “delight customers, open-minded and shared success, dedication to details, always improve” and to “Provide world-class clean energy solutions to power the future” as its vision. Building its brand by integrity of conduct, and returns customers with high-quality products and sincere service. The company commits its mission through efficient management, distinguished design and good service. Our company implements the concept of “Green Manufacturing”, persists in the course of sustainability, honors the commitments on energy-saving and environmental protection, actively fulfills social responsibilities and commitments to the society.

Quality Policy

Quality Management, Customer-Oriented, Strive for Better, Improve Constantly

Environment Policy

Observing Law and Discipline, Pollution Prevention, Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Improve Constantly

HSF Policy

Green Manufacturing, Satisfy Customers, Observing Law and Discipline, Improve Constantly

Social Responsibility Policy

Observing Law and Discipline, Ensure the Rights of Employees, Build a Harmonious Company

Business Ethics Policy

New Development Way Based on Regulations, Zero Tolerance Fosters a Perfect Team


Provide world-class clean energy solutions to power the future.


To solve global customer challenges and pressures;

Respond rapidly;

Provide safe products and quality service.

Core Values

Delight customers;

Open-minded and shared success;

Dedication to details;

Always improve.

About Us


About Us


Corporate Structure

About Us

Social Responsibility


ISO14001 and QC080000 certifications

  • Highpower Technology understands the importance of environmental protection, energy conservation, we have received the certifications of ISO14001 and QC080000 management systems.

Environmentally friendly factories

  • Air, Water and Noise management is important to Highpower and we take seriously the related government standards. Such standards include: GB3095-1996 - Ambient air quality standard, GB12348-90 - Standard of noise at Boundary of Industrial Enterprises, and GB8978-96 -Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard GB8978-96. Our team is dedicated to not just meeting such government requirements but we strive to exceed such standards and showcase our responsibilities to the environment.
  • Highpower sets monthly consumption plans and indexes and abides by the Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China.  We promote the use of new energy-saving technologies in accordance with the environmental and occupational health system.   Such systems help to further the advance techniques of new energy-saving technologies, materials, and equipment.

Environmentally friendly products

  • Highpower strictly controls the procurement of raw material to ensure all material meets RoHs requirments while also meeting high battery performance market requirements and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Recycling Economy

  • The development, manufacture and distribution of Ni-MH batteries and Li-ion batteries is complimented by Highpowers dedication to the environment through programs focused on the collection, and recycling of used batteries.

Product innovation

  • Highpower believes customer experience and feedback is paramount to how our Research and Development team applies its resources. By understanding both the market needs and new developments of raw materials, processes, and production equipment, Highpower can leverage it resources to bring forward new innovative solutions that optimize battery products and bring further value to our Global Brand Customers.

Product Quality and Services

Highpower Technology believes that success in the battery industry hinges on creating production that meet market demands and developing services that meet our clients satisfaction. In addition, a companywide dedication to continually improve our quality systems will result in a more satisfied customer with gloval partnerships based on trust and transparency.

  • The implementation and dedication to a robust 6-Sigma quality management system helps our teams stay focused on promoting lean production and mitigating variance in our processes.
  • International Quality, Safety and Social certifications are understood and embraced by the Highpower team. The foundation of these guidelines also allows HighPower to reconfirm our dedication to a safe and reliable battery production and energy solution.

Supply chain management

  • Highpower Technology understand we are only as strong as our supply chain partners. A commitment to responsible supply chain organization that is founded on mutual respect and the sharing of process technologies and quality systems will help mitigate variances in manufacturing.
  • Highpower Technology promises to operate the company with responsible attitude to the environment and society, and share the values during the procurement with the suppliers, so that the problems of supply chain can be well disposed.

Basic rights and interests

Highpower Technology believes the strength of organization is founded in the character and talents of the people we employ.Creating an effective platform for them to succeed is Highpower's responsibility.Such platforms include:

  • Establishing a comprehensive training system ranging from company culture and expectations, job skills, occupational health and safety, and a roadmap to improvement and advancement.
  • The implementation of a strong Human Resource Policy that supports equal pay and benefits.
  • The creation of an incentive-based management system for all Highpower employees. This system is objective and impartial with a dedication to acknowledging and rewarding and promoting individuals that have performed extraordinary and/or creates a value that extends to our customers.

Communication management

  • Highpower Technology has implemented broad and effective channels of communication. Such channels were created to facilitate open communications channels between all levels of management. Our goal is to facilitate communication that is active, creative, and allows for all members to live and work in a harmonious workplace. In this way, information, experience, and skills can seamlessly be shared between management and staff across different positions and departments. It is such communication channels that will create an effective distribution of ideas and enthusiasm that will translate into a more efficient and happy workplace.

Occupational health and safety

  • Highpower Technology has formulated the Regulations on Occupational Hygiene and the Processes for Supervision Occupational Health and Control of Occupational Disease Prevention and Cure, formed a leading group for occupational hygiene and set corresponding organ in each subordinate production teams, comprehensively supervising the hygiene conditions. For the staffs exposed to the hazard factors at their positions, Highpower Technology provides occupational health protective facilities and personal protective articles that meet the requirements of the prevention and cure of occupational diseases, improve their working conditions, and conduct physical examination before and after their entry.
  • Regularly entrust a third party to test and evaluate the workplaces for potential causing factors of occupational disease (such as dust amount, noise, and benzene amount).

Management of safe industrial production

  • Highpower's number one focus is safety but equally as important is the dedication to a system to prevent dangerous or harmful situations. In the event there is an emergency, Highpower has installed safeguards in the form of alarm systems, evacuation processes, and first responders to ensure the safety of its staff, properties and product.

Humanistic concern

  • Highpower understands the importance of its staffs and the important role they play in the success of the organization. A work-life balance is the core to healthy and productive employee. Further to this idea, it is also important to ensure there is an equal opportunity to its staff, regardless of gender and the demands both work and life offers.
  • Highpower actively organizes its staff to participate in a variety of public benefit activities. It has established a Leader-type organization system for public benefit. It brings together the likes of labor unions and management to ensure the greater good to society. It has also established a foundation to help the students and the struggles with school studies. These public benefit activities are reviewed annually to ensure each year has quantitative goals to properly measure implementation and benefit of such programs to its focused beneficiaries.

Educational benefit

  • The Sunshine Foundation is an exclusive internal non-profit program of Highpower specifically created to collect and manage funds to help troubled students or schools. The Sunshine Foundation focuses its attention on children that have dropped out of school for reasons beyond their control. The goal is to financially support children or schools to help bridge drop-out students back to school or improve remote schools with improved education tools or school conditions.

Environmental protection and charity

  • With the encouragement of the Government and labor unions, Highpower actively promotes and supports volunteer community activities focused on improving/protecting our environment and supporting meaningful charities. Such activities include tree planting, clothing donations and other charity efforts that focus on poverty regions in China. It is through enthusiasm and goodwill that Highpower can make a difference.

Declaration of Metal Conflict-free

Conflict metals, i.e. Au, Ta, W, Sn, Co etc, extraction from the mines in conflict areas controlled by non-governmental military groups or illegal military factions in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). While, these metals may be used in the electronic products. Purchasing metals from metal conflict area will encourage the conflict behavior. Thus EICC and GeSI remind electronics manufacturers to avoid using conflict metals.Based on social responsibility and practice of international justice, Highpower Technology commits:


1. Highpower Technology supports and commits not to purchase any conflict metals originated from DRC and its adjoining countries as raw material;


2. Highpower Technology requires suppliers to participate in the practice not purchasing any conflict metals originated from DRC and its adjoining countries, which is one of the criteria of supplier selection and qualification.

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