Li-Ion & Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries

Li-Ion & Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries


General Type Batteries

  • A complete range of models with small volume, light weight and customer-made;
  • Long cycle life up to 1000 times;
  • Wide capacity rage from 40mAh to 10000mAh for various applications;
  • Highest volume energy density up to about 550Wh/L.



High Voltage Batteries

  • The maximum charging voltage is 4.35V, 4.40V & 4.45V;
  • High energy density:

        4.35V system: 630Wh/L-680Wh/L

        4.40V system: 650Wh/L-720Wh/L

        4.45V system: 700Wh/L-750Wh/L

  • Higher battery capacity for longer working time in terminal applications;
  • The capacity retention of 4.35V & 4.4V system remains more than 80% after 1000 cycles;
  • The capacity retention of 4.45V system remains more than 80% after 500 cycles;
  • Expanded application of high-power electric equipment.



Quick Charge Batteries

  • Targeted at consumer electronics, adopts special material systems and processes for the quick charge.
  • Drastically reduces charging time reducing downtime of electronics.
  • Charge characteristics:

1.5C charging system:

1.5C charging rate — 20mins, capacity ≥50%; 40mins, capacity≥85%;

2C-3C charging systems:

2C charging rate — 20mins, capacity ≥60%; 30mins, capacity ≥80%;

3C charging rate— 15mins, capacity ≥60%; 20mins, capacity ≥80%;

  • Cycle life up to 500 times.



High/Low Temperature Batteries

High Temperature Batteries

  • High-temperature batteries can work under 60°C for a long time, meanwhile it is available at -20°C. The short-term storage temperature can reach 85°C.


Low Temperature Batteries

  • Low-temperature batteries can work under -40°C, meanwhile the short-term storage temperature can reach 70°C.