Highpower Technology wins China Battery New Energy Industry's Annual Innovation Award

Highpower Technology wins China Battery New Energy Industry's Annual Innovation Award

On December 5, the 10th China International Summit Forum on Battery New Energy Industry and the 13th Annual Award Ceremony of China Battery New Energy Industry successfully concluded with the participation of 600 guests from the global new energy sector. The event aimed to acknowledge industry leaders and outstanding role models, showing full respect and support to those contributing to the advancement of green energy. The awards seek to provide a robust and enduring impetus for the sustainable development of the new energy industry.

At the award ceremony, Highpower Technology (stock code: 001283) was honored with the "13th Annual Innovation Award of China Battery New Energy Industry" for its exceptional contributions to the new energy sector. Recipients of this award are required not only to demonstrate cutting-edge technological expertise but also to embody advanced management concepts and achieve notable milestones in the battery industry.

By prioritizing technological innovation and integrating IPD into our four-tier R&D system, Highpower significantly enhances the company's technical expertise. Collaborating with universities, we engage in projects covering preliminary research on new materials, cutting-edge technologies, and mechanism analysis, with a focus on talent development and product competitiveness. Highpower actively contributes to the development of multiple national and industry standards, yielding noteworthy outcomes. We continuously enhance our manufacturing capabilities, fortifying our core competitiveness in this sector, and have earned various accolades, including "Individual Product Manufacturing Excellence Award," "AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise," "Post-doctoral Innovation Hub," "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center," among others.

In technological innovation, Highpower Technology has prioritized silicon-based anode development, a crucial technology for enhancing the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. We've successfully created lithium-ion batteries with high silicon content and integrated them into laptop computers and wearable products. The outcomes have gained recognition from mainstream customers in various projects. Furthermore, our collaboration with globally renowned universities focuses on sodium-ion materials and battery development, exploring artificial intelligence and simulation technology.

Embracing green energy as the cornerstone of our development, Highpower Technology is dedicated to expanding the breadth and depth of technological research and development. Our focus is on elevating product innovation and competitiveness within the clean energy market. With a positive mindset, we confront challenges and seize opportunities, striving for excellence in quality and upholding a spirit of craftsmanship. Our goal is to emerge as an industry leader. Looking ahead, guided by a vision of long-term zero-carbon living, we are steadfast in providing high-quality, clean, safe, and efficient power solutions and services to global brands. Collaborating with them, we aim to contribute to a better life for humanity!