Shenzhen Highpower awarded national "Green Factory" status

Shenzhen Highpower awarded national "Green Factory" status

On November 8, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced its 2023 Green Manufacturing list, recognizing Highpower Technology (stock code: 001283) as a "Green Factory" for the second time for its exceptional performance in green manufacturing.

To qualify for the Green Factory Award, applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation process involving self-assessment, third-party institution evaluations, references from provincial industry and information departments, and expert reviews. Highpower's inclusion in the list acknowledges its significant contribution to green manufacturing and its commitment to corporate social responsibilities.

Green manufacturing is an efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and modern model aimed at reducing consumption, minimizing emissions, improving productivity, and enhancing economic efficiency. It plays a crucial role in addressing national resource and environmental challenges, promoting industry benchmarks, and standardizing green production practices across factories. Only by implementing green development concepts and management requirements throughout the product life cycle, can we promote the green transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and realize the "dual carbon" targets.

Highpower Technology, with ISO14001 and QC080000 certifications, actively supports the "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" initiative. The company's commitment is evident in establishing an ESG department and energy management system, applying new energy-saving technologies, new materials, new equipment, and advanced processes, and carrying out energy-saving innovations and practices at both management and technological levels. Currently, Highpower utilizes the spacious roofs and parking lots of the industrial park to build distributed rooftop photovoltaic power plants, and the power generated is primarily consumed by the industrial park. The "Green Power Project" has successfully relieved pressure on municipal power supplies while reducing carbon emissions per product. To reduce emissions more accurately, Highpower has also commissioned a professional third-party organization to conduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of some of its products, which lays a solid foundation for emission reduction work.

Highpower Technology will continue to implement its social responsibility policy, focusing on labor rights, employee health, reducing burden on the environment, ethical business practices, legal compliance, and continuous improvement. The company will prioritize environmental protection, energy efficiency, and consumption reduction while ensuring high-quality products and responsive customer service.

Looking ahead, Highpower is dedicated to shaping "The Future of Green Energy and Zero Carbon" and positioning itself as a key player in green manufacturing and meeting the “dual carbon” targets. By collaborating with global partners, the company aims to realize the dream of "green manufacturing" and contribute to a better life for all through scientific research and innovation, while fulfilling the original aspiration of delighting customers.