Battery Systems
Electric Bike
Product Description
  • For Light Electric Vehicles

Applications: Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Patrol Cars.


  1. High drain battery packs, environmental-friendly;
  2. High capacity, low internal resistance, long cycle life up to 1000 times;
  3. Free of fire or explosion even in the condition of acupunctured or short circuit;
  4. The dimension, protection board and the shell can be customer-made;
  5. Excellent performance with high-current discharge and in high temperature environment.


  • BMS For Electric Vehicle

Applications: Electric Bus, Electric Car, Tourist Cars, HEVs


  1. Solution for electric vehicle control and power management;
  2. More environmental-friendly and good performance in outdoor circumstance;
  3. Functional with standard charging from city grid.
  4. Equipped with protection from high voltage disconnecting device and current limiting device;
  5. The voltage, current and temperature of battery system can be measured precisely as well as the voltage and temperature of the battery packs;
  6. Dimensions can be customized according to the application cases.
Product Specification


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