Battery Systems
Electric Vehicle Battery System
Product Description

Highpower EV battery system designed for EV or PHEV consists of battery management system (BMS), Li-ion energy storage battery unit, cabinet and external controlling components.

BMS is made up of Battery Management Unit (BMU), Battery Sample Unit (BSU) and Battery Display Unit (BDU). Following interfaces are included: voltage acquisition input interface, temperature acquisition input interface, fan controlling output interface, heating controlling output interface, CAN2.0 interface, RS485 interface, USB interface, GPRS wireless interface, dry contact output interface, switching acquisition input interface, high-speed current acquisition input interface and high-voltage signal acquisition input interface. The BMS module dustproof, moisture proof and IP32, completely waterproof  both the battery module and module outside aviation connector cable tree.

The module is independently researched, designed and manufactured by Highpower.



1. Long cycle life

    Residual capacity of more than 80% after 2500 cycles; It can be use over 8 years on the electric car.

2. High safety

    The shell is made with non-metallic aluminum plastic film, it will not fire, burn or explode.

3. Active equalization

    The special Li-ion energy storage battery unit design lengthen about 25% battery service life by use of bidirectional non-dissipative active equaling transmission technology, which can help energy active transfer among the cells, and keep 5A equalizing current.

4. Low self-discharge

    Self-discharge is less than 3% when the battery is laid aside for one month with half electric quantity.

5. High charging efficiency

    Capacity efficiency is 100%, it can discharge 100AH when it is charged 100AH.

6. Excellent performance in large current discharge

    The battery can emit 100% of capacity when it discharged in 0.1C-5C.


Main Application Fields:

Electric bus (EV),  electric car (EV), sight-seeing car (EV), HEV and etc.

Product Specification

Model NO:EV500-A537


Model NOPHEV100-A350



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