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Energy Storage System
Product Description

Energy Storage System (ESS) consists of high-capacity lithium-ion battery, solar cell panel and inverter output device, which is charged by solar panels and commercial Grid. It will power your appliances directly with the output AC electricity by pure sine wave inverter.



  • ESS charges the LiFePO4 battery with solar power and commercial Grid. After the failure of electricity supply, batteries can provide household appliances with power through inverter device increasing voltage; the switching time is less than 5 minutes.
  • Pure sine wave output, high power factor, strong loading ability and wide application field.
  • High power solar battery.
  • Safety and high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery.
  • Perfect protective function (overload protection, temperature protection, output short-circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input over-voltage protection and etc.) to improve products reliability.
  • Build-in charger provides power to battery in wet weather, which will not be affected by wet weather.
  • Low working noise, high transfer efficiency.
  • Metal shell, well capability of crush resistance, stable performance.
  • Build-in BMS controller with the function of wireless data transmission, remote monitoring, active balancing current reaches 5A, extend the battery efficiency and service life



  • Communication system
  • Wind and solar power generation
  • Military field
  • Office environment
  • Household appliances
  • Outdoor work
  • Entertainment


Functions & SCH:

1.Commercial grid, Solar energy and wind energy are stored and supply to household application;

2. Storing electric energy during nighttime when electric fee is cheap and supply power in daytime to avoid electricity consumption peak hours.

Product Specification


1000Wh Portable Power Station


2.4kWh ESS


4.8kWh  ESS



15kWh ESS


100kWh ESS


  • Standardized and modular design, easy to install and enlarge capacity.

  • customized and private cabinet; designed for high strength bearing.

  • Tri-tiers BMS structure, safe and stable  BMS

  • 2A automatic balance ability, System-wide dynamic balance ability, prolong battery’s life span  2A

  • Protecting voltage, current and temperature, detecting SOC, communicating, self-detecting and warning etc. 





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