Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles
The series of cells are specially designed for electrical power equipment including E-bikes, electric motor cars, electric golf carts, EVs, etc.
Electric Vehicles Battery


  1. Designed with high capacity and high voltage cell. Special character with high discharge rate. The cell’s capacity can reach 420Ah;
  2. Long cycle life. The model of 26650DY-3000 has the recovery retention of more than 80% after 1000 cycles;
  3. Low internal resistance and excellent performance in discharge for high power supply;
  4. Fast charged in 1C and discharged in 15C to facilitate acceleration in high-intensity power;
  5. Can be designed into different sizes and voltage;
  6. Various safety protection solutions;
  7. Environmental-friendly and complies with the European RoHS requirements.
Product Specification

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