Highpower International to Participate in the Fourth China-Germany Joint Working Group Meeting on Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling
Release date: 2015-11-16

Highpower International, Inc. ("Highpower International" or "the Company") (NASDAQ: HPJ), a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of lithium and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, and a battery management systems and battery recycling provider, today announced that the Company will participate in the Fourth China-Germany Joint Working Group Meeting on Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling to be held on November 18th - 21st, in Berlin, Germany. Highpower is invited to attend the meeting as an industry expert in battery manufacturing and recycling.

The China-Germany Joint Working Group on EV Battery Recycling was established in 2011 by the National Development and Reform Commission of China and the Federal Environment Agency of Germany. Both Germany and China have advocated the research and development of Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) as its main initiatives in improving the overall carbon emission profile in both countries.  There has been an accelerating trend of adoption of EVs and HEVs in both countries, with both governments addressing the issue of pollution and emissions at a national policy level.

"It is very significant for us to attend the Fourth China-Germany Joint Working Group Meeting on Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling in Germany," said Mr. George Pan, Chairman and CEO of Highpower International, "We continue to participate in the formulation of national policies related to EV battery recycling domestically, and in international forums and seminars as opportunities to cooperate among major countries around the world in advancing our environmental expertise.  This will be a great platform for a pioneer in battery recycling like Highpower to further voice solutions for environmental issues from the enterprise level, while also providing potential opportunities for the Company to expand its international presence."

About Highpower International, Inc. 

Highpower International was founded in 2001 and produces high-quality Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and lithium-based rechargeable batteries used in a wide range of applications such as electric buses, bikes, energy storage systems, power tools, medical equipment, digital and electronic devices, personal care products, and lighting. Highpower's target customers are Fortune 500 companies, and top 10 companies in each vertical segment. With advanced manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Ganzhou of China, Highpower is committed to clean technology, not only in the products it makes, but also in the processes of production. The majority of Highpower International's products are distributed to worldwide markets mainly in the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.