Talent Development

Talent Development

Talent development policy: Highpower International provides every employee who has passion and good performance with the platform and development space to show the talent. Our human resource department carries out a qualification certification management work annually. In the process of qualification management work, we promote employees who have the great work performance and meet the requirements, and for those who make outstanding performance, we can fast track and give them accelerated promotion.

Talent development orientation: the criterion of selecting employees who are responsibility and work performance and we provide opportunities to cultivate and encourage talents.

Social Recruiting Campus Recruiting

The Highpower Academy’s faculty consists of corporate executives, in-house lecture team and professionals from various institutions. The Highpower Academy identifies characteristics and cultivates those employees through lectures, economic simulation exercises, case study and interactive teaching for the purpose of serving the group's talent development strategy. This talent cultivation program ensures and effective learning organization focused on building a training system to meet Highpower's need for lifelong learning.

Highpower Academy Positioning: As the engine of Highpower International, Highpower Academy specializes in providing in-house training for Highpower International. Highpower Academy helps employees transform their learning to valuable tools that provides power for the group's long-term development. Highpower Academy can drive talent development and effectively support the implementation of the group's development strategies.


Talent treatment


Competitive remuneration package in the industry + generous year-end bonus.

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stock ownership incentives, stock options programs, project awards and incentive bonus for long-term service.

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Talent development platform

Various workplace training, and work shift and job transfer opportunities.

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Paid leave

Annual leave entitlement and all statutory paid leaves.

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Shuttle bus service

The factory provides shuttle bus service to pick up employees on and off duty. This service also offers weekend transportation conveniences.

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Permanent residence registration support

Highpower helps employees register their permanent residence in Huizhou city or in Shenzhen city (if in Shenzhen, you can also apply for talent subsidies).

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Special festivals and other holidays

Receive a birthday gift, birthday party, gifts for traditional Chinese festivals and annual Highpower meetings.

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Meal service

Meals of various kinds

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Accommodation condition

The dorm can hold 2-4 people and is furnished with an air conditioner, water heater, desk, closet, bathroom and balcony.

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