Highpower recruits according to the principle of open, objective, fair, give full scope to the talents and optimal staffing; no discrimination and behaviors violating the law and regulation of our country; proceeds strictly sticking to the requirement of the post and stated recruitment policy to ensure the quality of the workforce of the company.

Sales engineer

Gender: No Limit

Education: With Bachelor’s degree or above

Requirement of candidates:

1. Majoring in international trade, English, chemistry, electronics professional, full-time bachelor’s degree.

2. With some sales techniques, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion battery sales experience is preferred.

3. Should be extroverted, optimistic, With good interpersonal communication and communication skills.

4. Should be healthy, Without bad life hobbies. should be Honesty, trustworthy, strong sense of responsibility and with the mind of teamwork.

5. Should pass CET4 with the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, should be with more than two years of work experience.