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Software engineer

Main responsibilities:
1.According to the requirements of factory production line,designing and developing production systems independently to improve the informatization level of production line
2.According to the requirements of informationized work, designing and developing paperless office information system independently
Job requirements:
1. 2 years of full-time development experience, proficient in multiprocess/multithreaded programming
2. This position focuses on the development of C/S framework and need proficiency in WINFORM + mass data processing
3. Familiar with c # serial port interactive development is preferred
4. Having development experience in a company's internal OA informationized office system or a large web is preferred
5. Familiar with Oracle/MSSQL operation, proficient in SQL database programming.
6. Have good teamwork and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and good programming habits.
8. Strong logical thinking ability , organized, strong problems'analyzing and solving skills, initiative, serious and responsible 
9. Love programming work, have dedication spirit, intelligent, good at learning new knowledge, can work under great pressure
(work location: Shenzhen longgang)