Highpower recruits according to the principle of open, objective, fair, give full scope to the talents and optimal staffing; no discrimination and behaviors violating the law and regulation of our country; proceeds strictly sticking to the requirement of the post and stated recruitment policy to ensure the quality of the workforce of the company.

Internal Control Director

Job responsibilities:
1.Push the implementation of the internal control standard, perfect the internal control system
2.Organize training and publicity of internal control to create a good internal control environment
Job requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in auditing or other relevant majors, no limit to the gender
2.More than 3 years' management experience in internal control in large-scale manufacturing enterprise  
3.Understand the enterprise management process and standards,can write management standards
4.Cet 4 or above, fluent in English data reading, skillful at office software 
5.Have good communication ability, can bear the pressure, honest and pragmatic
(work location: Shenzhen longgang)