Highpower recruits according to the principle of open, objective, fair, give full scope to the talents and optimal staffing; no discrimination and behaviors violating the law and regulation of our country; proceeds strictly sticking to the requirement of the post and stated recruitment policy to ensure the quality of the workforce of the company.

R&D engineer

With Master's degree or above

1. Male or female,Should be majoring in applied chemistry, physical chemistry, metallurgy engineering graduate, with education of master's degree or above.

2. Nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion battery development experience, familiar with the characteristics and technical parameters of raw materials.

3. Should be proficient in battery development principle, technology, production process, and familiar with the new battery materials, the design process of new product development and control points.

4. Should be Innovative ,with the Ability to learn,

5. Be Good at analysis and problem-solving and Good communication ability,Full of work initiative And Studying.

6. Two years of working experience in the battery industry, outstanding graduating students would be considered.