Highpower recruits according to the principle of open, objective, fair, give full scope to the talents and optimal staffing; no discrimination and behaviors violating the law and regulation of our country; proceeds strictly sticking to the requirement of the post and stated recruitment policy to ensure the quality of the workforce of the company.

Marketing Specialist

Job responsibilities:
1.Responsible for updating, redesigning and maintaining information on the company's website  
2.Maintaining information on company's B2B and B2C websites 
3.Updating company's publicity materials 
4.Making and releasing publications in our industry  
Job requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, marketing, e-commerce and any related major, no limit to the gender
2.Cet 4 or above, proficient in English reading and writing 
3.Skillful at office software, familiar with the website back-stage management 
4.Have creative thoughts, unique insights, high enthusiasm and the sense of responsibility
(work location: Shenzhen city)