Every year, Highpower invests over 6% of revenues in R&D for developing new products, battery materials research, and advanced research and testing equipment. Technological advancement is one of the core competencies at Highpower to ensure our premium product quality and customer satisfaction.



Highpower's R&D center holds extensive independent intellectual property rights. Highpower has hold 165 patents in China, Hong Kong and USA.

The following patents are for your reference.

Number Name Type Patent No
1 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Capable of Storing in a Long Time and Method for Making the Same Invention Patent ZL200510034847.2
2 Battery Electrolyte Centrifugal Filling Method Using a Fixture Invention Patent ZL200510034697.5
3 Negative Electrode of Nickel Metal Hyoride Battery and Method Making for Nickel Metal Hyoride Battery Having the Same Invention Patent ZL200610063126.9
4 Manufacturing Method of Negative Electrode of Nickel Metal Hyoride Battery Invention Patent ZL200610033280.1
5 Manufacturing Method of Negative Electrode of Battery Invention Patent ZL200910107202.5
6 Method of Making Battery Positive Plate and Anode Slurry Invention Patent ZL200710305063.8
7 Gas Sampling Method and Device Invention Patent ZL201010187240.9
8 Manufacturing Method of Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries and Anode Material Invention Patent ZL200810068362.9
9 The Plate of a Cell Coiler and Its Manufacturing Method Invention Patent ZL201010285229.6
10 A Manufacturing Method of Positive Slice and Its Slurry Invention Patent HK1129261
11 Electrode of Rechargeable Battery, and the Manufacturing Method and Equipment Invention Patent 97122056.5
12 Equipment and Method for Electrode Slice Burr Detection Invention Patent ZL201010619668.6
13 Double Layer Color Tube Sealing, Battery and Its Packing Method Invention Patent ZL201010206156.7
14 Dipping Machine Invention Patent ZL201010562140.X
15 Preparation Method of CoSO4 Invention Patent ZL201110101859.8
16 Assemblying Equipment for Rechargeable Battery Invention Patent ZL2010100282682.1
17 Battery Drying Equipment Invention Patent ZL201010523717.6
18 Fixture for Inserting Knives Invention Patent ZL201110047543.5
19 Battery Invention Patent ZL201010505937.6
20 Bettery Heat-Actuated Device and Betteries Invention Patent ZL201010569002.4
21 Bettery Formation Accessary Fixture Invention Patent ZL201010569643.X
22 Explosion-Proof Rechargeable Battery Invention Patent ZL201110357508.3
23 Negative Slice of Rechargeable Battery and Its Preparation Method Invention Patent ZL201110048145.5
24 Battery Tag, Battery Base and Battery Invention Patent ZL201010585588.3
25 Battery and Steel Shell  Invention Patent ZL201110350393.5
26 Battery Liquid Injection Device and Injection Method  Invention Patent ZL2011101854886
27 Vibrating Device Assisting for Filling Electrolyte Used in Battery Utility Patent ZL200620059919.9
28 Punching Machine Utility Patent ZL200720172345.0
29 Cap of Battery Positive Electrode Utility Patent ZL200920136056.4
30 Modified Cylindrical Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Utility Patent ZL200920129530.0
31 Modified Cylindrical Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Utility Patent ZL200920129531.5
32 Cylindrical Rechargeable Battery and Positive Electrode Using in the Same Utility Patent ZL201020056700.X
33 Cylindrical Rechargeable Battery and Positive Electrode Using in the Same Utility Patent ZL201020148376.4
34 Modified Cylindrical Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Utility Patent ZL201020121903.2
35 Battery Structure Utility Patent ZL201020268493.4
36 Cylindrical Nickel Metal Hydride Battery and Battery Core Using in the Same Utility Patent ZL201020142994.8
37 Buckle and Battery Having the Same Utility Patent ZL201020530559.2
38 Positive Electrode of Battery and Battery Having the Same Utility Patent ZL201020518407.0
39 Device for Detecting Battery Voltage Utility Patent ZL201020532378.3
40 Diaphragm and High-Capacity Cylindrical Battery Utility Patent ZL201020529192.2
41 Diaphragm of Battery, Battery and Printing Device in Diaphragm Code Utility Patent ZL201020529195.6
42 Device for Avoiding Short Circuit of Batteries Being in or out of the Measurement Apparatus Utility Patent ZL201020508176.5
43 Cylindrical Battery Utility Patent ZL201020589516.1
44 Product Packaging Material and Product Packaging Structure Utility Patent ZL201020657742.9
45 Battery Utility Patent ZL201020283021.6
46 Corrugated Board Utility Patent ZL201020675669.8
47 Positive Plate and Battery Utility Patent ZL201120220781.7
48 Battery Utility Patent ZL201120255056.3
49 Ni-MH Battery Utility Patent ZL201120218530.5
50 Product Packaging Material and Product Packaging Structure Utility Patent ZL201120221442.0
51 Tape Pressure Device of Battery Winding Machine Used for Affixing Tail Ending Tape to Battery Utility Patent ZL201020559781.5
52 Baking Fixture for Flexible Packaging Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Utility Patent ZL201020559772.6
53 Adjustable Winding Needle Utility Patent ZL201120276580.9
54 Seal Ring and  NiMH Battery Using the Seal Ring Utility Patent ZL201220329583.9
55 Positive Plate and Battery Utility Patent ZL201220425082.0
56 Cell and NiMH Battery Using this Cell Utility Patent ZL201220447199.9
57 Lithium Battery Sealing and Lithium Battery Utility Patent ZL201220580310.1
58 Li-polymer Cell and Li-polymer Pack Utility Patent ZL201120208661.5
59 Nickel-Metal Hydride Secondary Battery Utility Patent ZL201320001681.4
60 Electric Core and Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Utility Patent ZL201220720530.X
61 Electric Core and High Power Lithium Ion Battery Using the Same Utility Patent ZL201320001749.9
62 Color Card(1)
Appearance Design Patent
63 Color Card(2)
Appearance Design Patent
64 Color Card(3)
Appearance Design Patent
65 Color Card(4)
Appearance Design Patent
66 Labeling(1)
Appearance Design Patent
67 Color Card(10)
Appearance Design Patent
68 Color Card(11)
Appearance Design Patent
69 Color Card(12)
Appearance Design Patent
70 Color Card(13)
Appearance Design Patent
71 Color Card(14)
Appearance Design Patent
72 Color Card(17)
Appearance Design Patent
73 Color Card(18)
Appearance Design Patent
74 Color Card(19)
Appearance Design Patent
75 Color Card(20)
Appearance Design Patent
76 Color Card(21)
Appearance Design Patent
77 Color Card(23)
Appearance Design Patent
78 Color Card(5)
Appearance Design Patent
79 Color Card(7)
Appearance Design Patent
80 Color Card(9)
Appearance Design Patent
81 Color Card(12)
Appearance Design Patent
82 Labeling(11)
Appearance Design Patent
83 Battery Plastic Packaging(1)
Appearance Design Patent
84 Battery Plastic Packaging(2)
Appearance Design Patent
85 Battery Plastic Packaging(3)
Appearance Design Patent
86 Battery Plastic Packaging(4)
Appearance Design Patent
87 Color Card(15)
Appearance Design Patent
88 Color Card(22)
Appearance Design Patent
89 Battery Packing Case(1)
Appearance Design Patent
90 Battery Packing Case(2)
Appearance Design Patent
91 Labeling(2)
Appearance Design Patent
92 Labeling(5)
Appearance Design Patent
93 Labeling(6)
Appearance Design Patent
94 Labeling(7)
Appearance Design Patent
95 Labeling(8)
Appearance Design Patent
96 Labeling(9)
Appearance Design Patent
97 Labeling(13)
Appearance Design Patent
98 Labeling(14)
Appearance Design Patent
99 Color Card(16)
Appearance Design Patent
100 Labeling(4)
Appearance Design Patent
101 Labeling(10)
Appearance Design Patent
102 Color Card(6)
Appearance Design Patent
103 Color Card(8)
Appearance Design Patent
104 Battery(1)
Appearance Design Patent
105 Battery(2)
Appearance Design Patent
106 Battery(3) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331138.1
107 Battery(4) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331144.7
108 Battery(5) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331149.X
109 Battery Plastic Packaging(7) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331126.9
110 Battery Plastic Packaging(5) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331131.X
111 Battery Plastic Packaging(6) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331122.0
112 Labeling(3) Appearance Design Patent ZL201230331172.9
113 Explosion-proof secondary batery Invention Patent ZL13/516,001