Highpower International Inc. was founded in 2001 as a clean energy group dedicated to research and development, production and sales of rechargeable Ni-MH / Lithium batteries, power source and energy storage systems. In June 2008, Highpower was listed on NASDAQ.

About Us


Vision – Provide leading clean energy solutions to customers worldwide

Mission – Continue to grow and expand as an international leader in clean energy solutions

Core Values – Pragmatic, responsible and sustainable


Declaration on Sustainability

Highpower International Inc. adheres to the core values of “Integrity, Pragmatism, and Responsible Continual Growth” and to “Providing Worldwide Customers with Excellent Clean Energy Solutions” as its mission. Building its brand by integrity of conduct, and returns customers with high-quality products and sincere service. The company commits its mission through efficient management, distinguished design and good service. Our company implements the concept of “Green Manufacturing”, persists in the course of sustainability, honors the commitments on energy-saving and environmental protection, actively fulfills social responsibilities and commitments to the society.

Quality Policy: quality management, customer-oriented, Strive for better, Improve constantly

Environment policy: Observing law and discipline, Pollution prevention, Energy efficiency and waste reduction, Improve constantly

HSF policy: Green manufacturing, Satisfy customers, Observing law and discipline, Improve constantly

Social Responsibility Policy: Observing law and discipline, Ensure the rights of employees, build a harmonious company

Business Ethics Policy: New Development Way Based On Regulations, Zero Tolerance Fosters a Perfect Team

HK-GD Clean Production Partner(Manufacturing) Appreciation of Clean Production from HKPC Top 10 Low-Carbon Release Company Top 10 Local Taxpayer Harmonious Labour Relations Award
Guangdong Clean Production Company

Top 10 Harmonious Company

Top 10 Contributor For Public Welfare Donation of HPJ Sunshine Foundation